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لعبة البطريق قناص الثلج - العاب حربية

لعبة البطريق الجليد قناص الثلج ساعد البطاريق الشجاعة فى التغلب على البطاريق العدوه لحماية القطب الخاص بهم من الاحتلال حاول ان تحدد المدفع نحو الاعداء وايضا القوة التى تريدها ثم اختر السلاح الذى تريده ثم اضرب للتغلب على الاعداء فى القطب الجنوبى فقط تمتع بالعاب بطريق يمكنك تشغيل هذه اللعبة ضد الكمبيوتر او تحدي صديقك اللعب عن طريق الماوس Game penguin polar ice sniper gang of brave, little penguins aspire to conquer the Antarctic ice territory! Help them to defeat all the rival gangs. This is an awesome battle game where you have to lead a squad of little penguins and conquer the Antarctic ice territory. In this challenging campaign you will encounter numerous rival gangs who will try to perish your dreams.Protect your gang members and defeat all the enemies in each level to proceed further. Shoot snowballs, throw grenades and launch missiles to destroy your opponent base and drown them. Every level has the Optimum number of shots, if you manage to defeat the enemy in the stated number of shots then you will earn more points. You can play this game against your computer or challenge your friend for a battle in the Antarctic. The players take turn to shoot. Left Click and Drag the strip inside the box to set the angle and power. The longer you stretch the more power you will put in the shot. Finally Left Click on the FIRE button to shoot. Try to complete the campaign successfully and score the highest points. Submit your score to the high score list at the end of the game. Good luck and conquer Antarctica control : mouse
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