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لعبة باتمان و الهروب من الجليد - العاب اكشن

لعبة بات مان والهروب من الثلج ساعد بات مان فى جمع الماس دون ان يصطدم بالجليد او السفن اللعب للتحرك و و للقذف Game BatMan and escape from the ice Avoid the icebergs and collect diamonds to advance through levels. Mr. Freeze has stolen a priceless collection of diamonds from the Gotham Museum! After him! His ice powers seem stronger than ever. How can that be? Mr. Freeze is magnifying his powers through the diamonds. You have to get them back! If you don’t stop Mr. Freeze soon, his icebergs will clog the entire bay and overrun Gotham City control : To move to throw
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